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AC Tune-up Checklist in Greensboro

AC Tune-up Checklist in Greensboro

The importance of preventive care cannot over-stated. Take your health, for example. Ideally, you see your primary care doctor at least once a year, not just when you’re sick. It’s during these preventive exams that your good health is confirmed, or minor issues can be addressed with little if any time lost.

Well, the same is true with your home’s mechanical systems – including central air. You expect it to deliver perfectly cooled air when you need it. Yet without a regular check-up, you could face underperformance, unexpected breakdowns, and even complete system failure on perhaps the most uncomfortable days of the year.

AC Tune-up Checklist in Greensboro - Relief Heating and Cooling, LLC

What Can I Expect from an Annual AC Inspection & Tune-Up?

Regular HVAC maintenance helps your system run more efficiently and safely, reduces your operating expenses, extends the lifespan of the unit, and improves your overall comfort level. A thorough tune-up and inspection will include such key steps as the following:

  • Comprehensive cleaning of the condenser coils to increase efficiency and reduce wear and tear
  • Measure the coolant level to maintain peak operating performance
  • Lubricate all moving parts to eliminate friction and wear and keep energy costs down
  • Calibrate thermostats to verify proper operation
  • Inspect ductwork for cracks or gaps that can result in energy loss
  • Tighten and inspect all electrical connections for safe operation
  • Test all safety controls
  • Test combustion air
  • Check the blower and blower motor
  • Check and clean the filter as needed

Benefits of Annual AC Inspections

In addition to energy and cost savings, an AC inspection includes several other benefits.

  • Maintain the Overall Health of Your Family: Over time, dirt, dust, and even mold can accumulate inside your ductwork, contaminating the air and triggering allergies, asthma, and other respiratory symptoms.
  • Eliminate Energy Waste and Prevent Breakdowns: During an inspection, your technician can pinpoint areas of concern that, if not addressed, can lead to future breakdowns and repair costs.
  • Keep System Warranties Valid: If you fail to have your HVAC system serviced regularly, you could be invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty, leaving you high and dry should something go awry with a part or component.
  • Enjoy More Comfortable Indoor Air: Dirty ducts, clogged filters, and escalating indoor humidity can make a home feel less than inviting during the hottest months of the year. Proper maintenance can help ensure that the conditioned air circulating through your home is as clean and healthy as possible.

In Greensboro and throughout the Triad, more and more careful homeowners call on Relief Heating and Cooling, LLC to keep them cool and comfortable all summer long. We can do the same for you – simply contact us today to schedule service.

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