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Whole-House Zone Control In Greensboro, NC

How to Enjoy Added Comfort, Flexibility, and Savings.
Whole-House Zone Control – It Can Save You Money While Enhancing Indoor Comfort - Relief Heating and Cooling, LLC

Whole-House Zone Control – It Can Save You Money While Enhancing Indoor Comfort

If your home comfort systems – heating and cooling – currently operate from a single thermostat, you could be paying way too much in energy costs OR sacrificing comfort to keep your energy bills in line.

The solution? Add one or more new zones to your home.

Here are three ready advantages:

Greater Energy Efficiency: Since you won’t be heating or cooling the rooms not in use, energy consumption will decrease, and so will your energy costs.

Customizable Room Temperatures: Instead of heating and cooling each room equally, you decide how much-conditioned air each zone receives. For example, your living room doesn’t need to be kept warm at night when you’re not using it.

An End to Hot and Cold Spots: Many homes have inconsistent temperatures from one room to the next. With zone control heating and cooling, those hot and cold spots will be a thing of the past. Any time you feel the need to adjust the thermostat, you can do it one room at a time.

Save Even More Money with Programmable Thermostats

With one or more programmable thermostats, you can save money and energy when your entire home is unoccupied, or perhaps just a zone or two.

What’s more, many of today’s programmable thermostats come with their own Wi-Fi-accessible app. That means you can change temperature settings no matter where you are, provided you have Wi-Fi access.

Programmable thermostats provide these additional benefits:

Lower energy bills

Automatic temperature adjustments after you’ve programmed it to your family schedule

Scheduling is flexible – how flexible depends on the make and model you purchase

You can lock the setting so someone coming home can’t change them and drive up your costs without your knowledge

Programmable thermostats are more precise than older analog models

For more information on how additional zoning and new programmable thermostats can help make your life easier and more affordable, Contact Relief Heating and Cooling, LLC.

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