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Whole-House Humidifier In Greensboro, NC

Is your house dry as a bone? It doesn’t have to be!
Add a Little Humidity. Enjoy a Lot More Comfort - Relief Heating and Cooling, LLC

Add a Little Humidity. Enjoy a Lot More Comfort

Do you know that “thing” that comes around come summer that we all hate? Come on, you know. It’s sticky, never seems to go away, and on really bad days, might even follow you indoors.

That’s right – it’s called humidity! And yet, for all our complaining, come wintertime we’re practically praying for more indoor humidity. That’s because being overly dry causes a host of problems.

If you agree that enough is enough, you’ll be glad to hear what a whole-house humidifier can do for you:

Added Comfort:

With the right amount of moisture in the air, you and your family will spend the heating season far more comfortably. Even better, you can change the relative humidity setting at any time; most experts agree that the optimum level of relative humidity is 30 – 40%.

Fewer Health-related Problems:

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you know how conditions can worsen during the winter months. But with increased humidity, you can expect tremendous relief from your symptoms. You’ll also see a reduction in itchy skin, dry eyes, bloody noses, and even static electrical shock

Lower Utility Bills:

With added humidity, you’ll feel comfortable at lower temperature settings. And that spells “money saved.”

Protect your Wood Furniture, Doors, Flooring, and more:

Dry indoor air causes the moisture inside wood objects and materials to evaporate. That, in turn, leads to shrinkage, cracking, and even warping.

For more information or a free quote on the right size whole house humidifier for your family’s greater comfort, contact Relief Heating and Cooling, LLC today.

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