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How to Combat Dry Indoor Air

How to Combat Dry Indoor Air

You know that sticky, uncomfortable humidity we suffer through during the summer months? Well, this time of year when temps drop and heating systems start up, we sure could use a little. Dry indoor air, a common consequence of forced air heating systems, can make your life downright miserable. Dry, itchy skin, lifeless hair, dry sinuses, and static electricity are just some of the problems dry air can cause. And yet winter after winter, countless homeowners just grin and bear it. Sure, an extra layer of moisturizing lotion and a few squirts of saline nasal spray remove some of the misery, but wouldn’t you prefer a better solution?

How to Combat Dry Indoor Air - Relief Heating and Cooling, LLC

Here are just a handful of simple remedies you can employ to combat dry indoor air:

  • Stock up on household plants that are known for adding moisture to the air, such as the rubber plant, English ivy, and Boston fern.
  • Turn down the water temperature during your shower as hot water tends to dry skin out. And consider cutting the length of your shower by a few minutes.
  • Apply a moisturizing lotion while your body is still damp from a shower or bath and allow your skin to air dry.
  • Instead of using the heated dry setting on your dishwasher, open the door as soon as the cycle is complete. The steam and warmth will flood your kitchen and you’ll save a few bucks on utility costs, too.
  • Hang clothing up to dry on portable dryer racks instead of using the clothes dryer. Again, you’ll save a bit on utility costs.
  • Place a few small bowls filled with water near floor registers or vents. As the water heats up, it will release moisture into the air.

A Better Solution from Relief Heating and Cooling, LLC

While each of the above will provide some relief, nothing can match the effectiveness of a whole-house humidifier professionally installed by Relief Heating and Cooling, LLC. We have multiple options available and will help you choose the right one for your household’s total comfort needs.

In addition to softer skin, healthier hair, and fewer sinus problems, a whole-house humidifier will deliver the following benefits:

  • Greater Comfort at Lower Thermostat Settings: The more humidity in the air, the more comfortable you’ll feel. And that means you can turn down the temperature on the thermostat by a couple of degrees, reducing wear and tear on your system and reducing monthly heating costs.
  • Protect Wood Floors, Doors, and Furnishings: Dry air sucks the moisture from anything made of wood, especially delicate pieces such as wood instruments, This causes the wood to warp and crack over time.
  • A Better Night’s Sleep: It’s hard to fall asleep and stay asleep when you’re tossing and turning due to congestion, dry cough, headaches, and dry, itchy skin. A little added humidity can help you get the restful sleep you need.
  • Reduced Static Electricity: Static electricity causes clothing and blankets to stick together and delivers a painful shock when you touch a metal surface like a doorknob. However, when air has the proper amount of humidity, static electricity eases up.

Ready to stop suffering needlessly with dry indoor air once and for all? Contact the home comfort experts at Relief Heating and Cooling, LLC today for more information and a free new system quote.

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